Quantum thoughts have struck me since I was a little girl.  Although not until more recently did I realize what I had actually stumbled upon, I believed so deeply in ideas like “magic.”  Magical idea’s like wishes coming true.  I always believed that wishing for something was not enough, I had to believe it.  I would imagine exactly what it would be, and I would use all of my senses.  How did I know to do this as a little girl?  I have no idea.

I have also been drawn to Albert Einstein since I was, again, a little girl.  Never fully understanding this simple yet genius of a man, but knowing that in my very core, I understood him.  It has always been as if his guiding presence is with me on my creative endeavors and scientific discoveries.  I am no laboratory scientist by any means, but I believe I may be a bit of a spiritual scientist, having a knack for trusting in the unexplained, and having things make perfect sense in my mind.

So quantum thoughts, and Einstein at the age of 6?  I was certainly never a “normal” child growing up, and believe me, I dealt with the grunt of being  “myself.”  Today, I am having a thought telling me to write some of my experiences and thoughts down.  So here it is …

I call them “quantum thoughts” because it includes all things quantum.  Quantum is the smallest amount of anything, usually referring to energy.  While Newton believed the atom was the smallest particle in existence, others begged to differ years after Newtons discovery.  From here on, I prefer to keep the name-game out of this post because there is much argument as to who found what, who stole the idea from who, who added to one idea to truly generate the truth, etc.   All physicists, scientists, and influential persons have made and continue to make an impact.

A simple way of looking at what quantum is, can be explained when looking at an atom.  When we look inside of an atom quantum has found that there is more than just protons, neutrons, and electrons.  There is pure energy that whizzes around inside of each and every atom, yet when we look at an atom, it appears there is nothing.  That is because the empty space found inside of an atom is highly energetic and unpredictable.  I once read that it is like thinking of an atom like a baseball field.  If the pitching mound is the nucleus (housing the protons and neutrons), than a single electron is like a fly circling around the entire stadium.  If all we look at is the nucleus and electron, we are completely neglecting possibly the most valuable question, what about all that space in between?

Electrons are funny little guys too because we don’t really know how far they extend from the center of the atom, infact in the quantum world we don’t know much at all because anytime a system of measuring is in place, the particles behave differently (a very difficult concept to wrap your mind around).  What I have come to understand is that electrons are identical to one another, there is no way to differentiate them.  An electron is an electron is an electron.  Therefore, they can interchange between one another, sort of like swapping places.  With all of this swapping they can be anywhere at anytime.  So if a single electron, apart of a single atom can swap and move as it pleases, then we are everywhere at everytime …in the quantum world anyway.

This is a topic that fascinates me, and the only way I can put to words what I believe it is, is this: the quantum world has such random order that it is too simple for our minds to comprehend.  Although it appears random, it is only because we have a hard time of measuring it.  As random as it is, it is ordered.  If it was not ordered in some way, then there would chaos in our world.  Why? Because atoms, electrons, and the space in between can inevitably be everywhere, no where, and anywhere at anytime, although random to our minds, there must be universal order or chaos might be in place.  When we take a step forward toward understanding quantum thoughts, we open up 100 new doors in which each door opens to 100 more new doors, and so this mysterious world is respectable and fascinating to me.

All of the work here is completely debatable, it is difficult to even find words to what makes sense in my mind.  I welcome all thoughts.

Om Shantih,


About Sara Dawn

I teach yoga, meditation, nutrition. I am also an intuitive trauma specialist that uses the Completion Process. I practice Reiki and love sports. I love to travel. Overall, the work I take part in, is to help others heal themselves naturally. =)

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