12/21/12 It’s Not the End of the World, but it is an Ending.



12/21/12 isn’t about the physical world ending, that was always a ridiculous idea thought up by people who misunderstood.  Throughout the millions of years this planet has existed, there have been lots of dates similar to “12/21/12.”  It’s the end of a cycle, just like the new moon that appears, and goes through cycles, pulling tides in different ways, today is the end of a cycle.

There was an energy shift today, just like there has been many times before.  Energetically, our world is a blank canvas today.

12/21/12 marks the first day of new energy that can be transformed into whatever your thoughts project.  Focus on peace, love, health, happiness, and abundance, and you will benefit …in fact, you’ll help the entire planet receive more peace, love, health, happiness, and abundance.

Today is a day you get to start over with the kinds of thoughts you project.  If you can think something, you can manifest or have it.  The shift of today will also begin a time in which the evidence of your thoughts appear more quickly than ever.  Think your business project will fail?  It will fail faster than you thought. Think you deserve to earn a bigger salary? You’ll be looking at a salary raise quicker than you thought possible.

If you can think it, you’ll create it, if you believe it, you’ll have it.

You can set aside 2 minutes everyday to sit down and visualize something you’d like to manifest in your life.  Be as clear, descriptive, and vivid as you can.  Really begin to believe in what you are thinking, and before you know it you it will begin to appear.  The power is in the belief of the thought, but it all begins with a thought.  Here are some ideas:

  • Building your yoga practice
  • Having more money
  • Becoming healthier
  • Feeling better about your weight
  • Increasing the love you feel in your life
  • Finding a new job you love
  • Spending more time with family and friends
  • Learning a new trait
  • Obtaining and object you’d like to have
  • Selling or buying a home
  • Doing great in school
  • Having business opportunities arise
  • Closing doors to open new ones
  • Finding a spiritual practice
  • Being at peace with yourself

Happy 12/21/12 …this is a great time to celebrate, and form new beginnings!

Om Shantih


New beginnings photo found at: http://www.zastavki.com/eng/Nature/Clouds/wallpaper-24785-14.htm

Much inspiration for this article by the teaching of Teal Scott and Jordan Duchnycz

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