Natural Solutions to Get Rid of Inflammation



This week we continue the discussion about inflammation.  Let’s dive right in and list some of my favorite natural and holistic remedies to combat inflammation.  The following list has been either researched by myself and/or used in my own anti-inflammatory regimen.  Much of the success has also been reported by my family members, friends, and members of the scientific community.

Please keep in mind that research is a tricky field.  It is incredibly challenging to develop research that is “proven.”  Nearly nothing can be “proven” because, for the sake of this article, we are all individuals on a biological level.  That means that no two body systems will act or react identically.  Each of the anti-inflammatory idea’s I mention are generally safe with little to no contraindications.  However, like all new additions to the diet, you should consult with your doctor before implementing most new dietary regimens.  I will go ahead and guess that nearly every suggestion listed here will be doctor approved because “it can’t hurt to try!”



-Nopalea Juice

-Increase your green consumption (AKA green leafy vegetables, and other green vegetables)

-Chlorophyll (also increased by eating greens)

-Chlorella (also contains chlorophyll)

-Reduce acidity in the body

-Increase alkalinity in the body

-Add alkalizing pH drops to the water you drink (to lower acidity and increase alkalinity)

-Consume less or no added sugar in the diet

-Use the recommended sodium (salt) requirements

-Eat omega-3 rich foods such as salmon, walnuts, or high quality supplements

-Add super fruits to your diet such as nopal cactus, acai, and pomegranate

-Rest more.  Sleep soundly at night for ~8 hours

-Try gentle yoga to stretch, and strengthen the body in a safe way

A little More on Some of These Anti-Inflammatory Fighters:

    • Turmeric: Has had excellent research done for it’s inflammation fighting components.  I personally have taken turmeric, and continue to do so if I have a flare up with the tendinitis in my knees.   Buy it in capsule form, I take at least 800mg/day.
    • Ginger: Similar to the functioning of turmeric with slightly different anti-inflammatory properties.  I find that turmeric and ginger work lovely in combination of one another.  I take capsule form and chop fresh ginger to make homemade tea. It is also an excellent immune system booster. One note is that it does act a mild blood thinner.  If you are already on blood thinning medications, certainly check with your physician before consuming.
    • Nopalea by TriVita.  I cannot express how much I love Nopalea and now TriVita.  Nopalea contains the nopal cactus  which has been used since ancient times to maintain health and longevity.  It comes from the Sonoram Desert, and has been known to help lower inflammation, cholesterol, diabetes, and more. I’ve began taking it and enjoyed it so much that I became apart of the company who sells it!  My mom, brother,   grandmother, aunt, friends, yoga students, and I have had much success when taking Nopalea.Here is a brief video to tell you more about the nopal cactus:

To learn more or order Nopalea today, click the photograph of the Nopalea picture below.

  • Reducing acidity and increasing alkalinity in the body.  The bottom line is, an acidic body is a place where disease thrives.  A more neutral to alkaline body is able to combat disease much more efficiently.  It is a predictive factor as to what is going on.  Inflammation is something that loves acidic environments!  pH drops are added to water and can be purchased at health food stores.  Adding greens, and chlorophyll go hand-in-hand.  Chlorella is an excellent supplement which comes from the sea and also contains chlorophyll.

If there are further questions about any of the other suggestions please leave a comment and I will explain further.

An Over-Medicated United States:

There are many reasons why we choose to take prescribed medication over seeking natural resources for healing.  The truth is, holistic health can be easy, but it can also require patience, and persistence.  With little to no side effects, and long-term safety, the patience and persistence is hardly a price to pay.


Why Natural Healing Has Myth’s:

One person may find that a certain supplement works wonders on their arthritis (as one example) while another person experiences little change.  On the contrary the the same person who experienced little change, may find very beneficial results when a therapeutic dose (a high quality and higher amount) is taken.

Time is always a variable.

The body may need to reach a specific level of the substance in a product before results are seen.  The time it takes may be influenced by weight, muscle mass, gender, severity of the current condition/s, etc.

Sometimes one anti-inflammatory remedy will work better than another, but you need to give each one a long enough period of time to ensure that it really is not working rather than assuming it’s failure early on. Usually 1 month and beyond is a fair amount of time.

Sometimes a combination will prove to be more effective.  Your chemical make up changes constantly, this can change the effectiveness of something that worked for years, and now suddenly is less effective.

Finally, most supplements are not meant to be taken at high doses forever. When relief is felt, try cutting back on the amount and/or frequency you use it. You can always increase the dose if symptoms reappear.

Thank you for reading this weeks article, see you next week!

Om Shanith,

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