Reiki: Everything You Need to Know About the Healing System of Reiki


Have you ever heard of the Japanese healing system called Reiki?  If you haven’t, you aren’t alone. That’s because it is a relatively new healing modality (modality = the quality or state) even though it is truly an ancient system. While it was only documented just over 100 years ago, it has been with us since the creation of this earth.  How could reiki be here for billions of years, and yet we’ve only discovered it in the late 1800’s?  To answer that, let’s look at the translation of reiki from Japanese to English.

“Rei” = Universal                “ki” = Energy
Reiki= Universal Energy


Rei-ki, and what it may look like if we could see it between our palms.  Pretty neat stuff.

If you aren’t familiar with the concept of universal energy, it is an easily accepted concept.  We talk about this very much so in yoga and meditation. The example I always like to give new comers or those I am practicing reiki on, is the following …

You are familiar with gravity of course.  Gravity is just another form of energy.  Because we have become so used to the feeling of gravity, we hardly notice it.  But that does not mean that gravity is not there, it is always there, sticking us to the ground like crazy glue on ceramics.

You’ve probably also heard that there are particles (atoms and molecules) in air we breathe.  This includes oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, and a smidge of argon.  All of these atoms are floating around everywhere …all the time.  We don’t see them, and we hardly feel them.  They too are forms of energy.  After all, they do give us the energy we need to keep breathing and standing, so they must be a form of energy.  If you’re familiar with science at all, you also know that everything contains energy, even empty space.

So you see, there are many types of energy that exist all around us, all the time, without us knowing it is there.  It’s difficult to use our five senses to know that certain energies are there, yet we trust that they are. Usually you don’t smell gravity, and you can’t see carbon dioxide, nor do you taste the nitrogen in the air, and it’s difficult to touch the empty space that is called air.  The only subtle clue we have to reassure us that these forms of energy are indeed very real is through feeling them.  One might admit that they can feel gravity’s energy working to keep them rooted, and we can feel the cold and hot temperature of air.

Universal energy (reiki) is no more different than gravity or the air we breathe.

We know how powerful the breath can be.  In fact, there are times when we need more of it to save our lives (such as if you are having an asthma attack).  Another example is when we are in a state of stress and we are told to “just take some deep breaths.” There is a sense that we must channel more of this energy, or breath, into our bodies to help us survive.

Well, reiki can be used in the same way, but the kind of energy it gives is one of healing and balancing.  Reiki is a universal energy that is all around us.

I picture reiki energy to look similar to the energy that surrounds trees in a sunlit forest.  It’s that refreshing and energizing affect a walk through the forest can have.  For me, it’s always felt as if trees were a collection of magical energies which keep them rooted firmly, and yet standing so tall, capable of defying gravity to draw water and nutrients up their trunks, and living to be hundreds of years old.  My experience with nature, particularly tree’s, has always been that they are these wonderfully energetic beings, with whimsical forces working behind the scenes to keep them healthy while filtering the air we breathe.


Reiki is an energy that is everywhere, just like air and gravity.  It has a healing ability because when it is sent into the body, it automatically knows how to balance the body.  The reiki practitioner becomes an open channel to allow the reiki into his or her body, and then immediately directs through the receiver.  The energy is not created by the reiki practitioner, and none of the practitioners own energy can be sent to the receiver.  That would be like saying to your friend who is very stressed, “Take some deep breaths, to calm down, but remember when you breathe deeply, it’s me that is giving you the air to breathe, and me who is allowing you to breathe.”

It is the air that is in the room which you breathe, and while your friend may remind you to take some deep breathes, it is you who must actually practice this, and it is the universal energy within the air that calms the mind and body.  Your friend is merely a channel which helps you to do this.  Reiki practitioners work in a similar way, they only help to send the healing reiki energy that is already there.

Anyone can practice reiki, but certified reiki practitioners have been attuned (there are channels within us which can be opened to help receive and send the energy) to feel the reiki, collect it inward, and send it outward.  Again, anyone can be trained to do this as long as they are open to the knowledge and practice of reiki, however, working with a skilled Reiki Master is a great way to increase your healing abilities.

Who found Reiki?

This universal healing energy was discovered by Mikao Usui of Japan.  He began studying at a Buddhist school around 1869.  He had also practiced other forms of healing such as kiko which is the Japanese version of Qigong (Chi Gong).  He was an incredibly gifted and educated Sensei, having been proficient in medicine, psychology, religion and art.

As a young man he was struggling during his training as a Buddhist.  He decided to travel to the top of the Mt. Kurama (in Japan) to meditate, and hoped to find a solution to his struggles.  It was here that, after many days of meditating, and fasting, he was struck with the sense of the reiki energy being present.  It is said that the reiki entered his crown chakra, and at this moment, he felt immense light, and knew immediately that it was a specific energy he was feeling.  He also knew that it would help to heal the struggles he was currently facing.Mikao-Usui-4

The photo above is Mikao Usui.

Everyday after that, he would meditate to reconnect with the unverisal energy he was feeling.  Being a profound healer already in many other ways, he was able to learn to work with this reiki energy he was now aware of.

With practice, and diligence he learned to channel this energy to heal his body (including the emotional state of his mind).  Soon he learned how to send the reiki to others.  Before long, he knew this energy was infinite and that it was there to share its healing abilities with everyone and everything on this planet.  He finally began teaching reiki to others soon after this.  And so, reiki has existed since the dawn of time, but it was not until we, as humna beings, were ready to discover it, that the discovery was made.

How You Can Experience Reiki

As a practitioner myself, I am proud to have Usui Sensei’s lineage passed down to me by my own Reiki teacher.  I am even more grateful to share the balancing abilities that reiki gives to others for balancing, healing energy.

Reiki is a completely non-invasive modality.  There can be little to no touch depending on the preference of the receiver.  The touch that is used is very gentle, only a the practitioners hands are lightly placed over the head, stomach, knees, hips, feet, and so one.  No one is ever touched in areas which are private.

Reiki is so powerful that it can be sent to anyone, anything or anyplace, anywhere in the world, right from where you are.  This is called “distance healing.”  Afterall, if the universal reiki energy is everywhere, and touch is not required, why wouldn’t it be able to be sent anywhere?


Reiki is safe and gentle enough for pregnancy, and is encouraged

Here are some things reiki can be sent to for balancing and increasing it’s energetic state:

  • Food
  • Water
  • Plants
  • Pets
  • People
  • Rooms

Reiki and It’s Healing Ability

Reiki has been known to help heal every type of condition.  It is excellent for balancing the chakras and increasing their energy.  It enters the body and knows immediately where to go.  It knows where an imbalance is present.  You may laugh, but reiki is similar to ibuprofen (yes, ibuprofen, the stuff in Advil).

Whether you have a headache or knee pain, the ibuprofen will travel throughout the body, and give relief to where relief is needed.  Reiki too, will travel throughout the body and lend balancing, healing, and energy, to wherever it is needed.


This is what reiki looks like when it is being given to the client

I recommend that everyone try reiki at some point in their life.  The experiences I have had, and the stories I have heard from others are remarkable.  If you have had a profound experience of your own, please share it with us in the comment box.  It is great to sense the community that reiki brings together.

Om Shantih,


If you would like to join us for our regular reiki circles or for reiki treatment please visit the Hapi Yogi website by clicking the higlighted link.

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