Your Life as an Hour Glass


Our glass.Hour glass.Hour-glass.Hourglass.

slowly the fine sand descends from above

making its way slowly down the track.

No, no need to rush,

no ability to speed each passing moment.

One hour to descend.

Take a handful of these grounded particles,

hold them to your palm,

create a coven and let them pass through …

In seconds, this moment passes,

this is not the hourglass!  Savory not so much.

Passing from top to beneath.

Forced reversal to begin the hour glass again.

These passing moments, sigh, …

are not easy.

they are not kind.

Begin to rush and you’ll  interrupt the delicate, deliberate, process.

You want to heal?

Be the hourglass, and watch the precise formation of the sand.

Watch the sands creation from the gravity which draws it below.

As if to form a pyramid embarking on a base

so strong,  No element can disturb the mighty pyramid.

This I know, the old Copts knew.

Oh did they know the mighty pyramids strength.

Coven the sand into your palms, and it falls chaotically …

no telling where it lands.

A general plateau it forms.

A flat line.

Dead and deliberate, lack of focus,

flat line.

You want to heal?

Become the hour,



Find courage to allow the mind to heed advice from the hourglass’s teachings.

Focus your awareness, endure the moment with Grace and precision,

be the fine, delicate, particles you are to the universe.

Shimmer in the sunlight as multicolored refractions of light.

Dance delicate plethora’s of seamless mirrored images dancing with refined glass.

A mirrored room of hope and grace in the hour.

And the midway of the hourglass, you feel the balance.  Stricken.

Silence emerges, like a desolate snow laden forest.

The  sudden call of the wild, an eagle perhaps, in the desolate ecru covering.

Wide-eyed, you recognize the silence from moments ago.

This is the balance of the hourglass, midway.

You feel the shift,

as if a heavenly message was sent through  radio waves directly to your intelligence center.

But this is not intelligence, this is simply being.

I am that I am.

It is as if a heavenly message moves from the plane above,

to this Earthly plane, where we exist.

Be the hourglass.

Sit with this.

Heal the way you intended to heal.


Om Shantih,


About Sara Dawn

I teach yoga, meditation, nutrition. I am also an intuitive trauma specialist that uses the Completion Process. I practice Reiki and love sports. I love to travel. Overall, the work I take part in, is to help others heal themselves naturally. =)

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