Where Did Valentine’s Day Come From?



So who was Valentine anyway?  Saint Valentine, was a Roman Priest …a really neat guy that stuck up for what he believed in despite the trying times of his era.  He believed in marriage even though politics were against it because War was more important.  If you have an unmarried man in battle, he’s more likely to be a true brute, a married man is a little more cautious.

He was sentenced to his death when he  was caught marrying an unwed couple against the current rulings.  His supposed last words were to a young blind woman who he helped heal writing “from your Valentine.”

A modern day Priest stated: “If Valentine were here today, he would say to married couples that there comes a time where you’re going to have to suffer. It’s not going to be easy to maintain your commitment and your vows in marriage. Don’t be surprised if the ‘gushing’ love that you have for someone changes to something less “gushing” but maybe much more mature. And the question is, is that young person ready for that?”


…So you see today isn’t just about flowers, candy and romance, it’s about the commitments you make, the love you share which is the glue that holds two people together, and enduring human nature as a journey with another soul.  It spans beyond husband and wife, to siblings, friends, pets and more.  But most of all, Valentine reminds us to keep the one you love close to you, and value their essence.  Don’t give up when everything hits the fan …instead, settle down, be mindful, remember why you love, and find your heart in all matters.  Happy Valentine’s Day.

Om Shantih,


About Sara Dawn

I teach yoga, meditation, nutrition. I am also an intuitive trauma specialist that uses the Completion Process. I practice Reiki and love sports. I love to travel. Overall, the work I take part in, is to help others heal themselves naturally. =)

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