Lyme Disease: “Running After Lyme”


Running After Lyme

Ah yes, the topic of Lyme Disease.  Have you ever experienced it?  Are you thinking you may have it?  However you identify with the topic of lyme disease, I’m finding that there is never a dull story when it comes to lyme.  I hear everything from, “it took me months to discover I had it!” to “I lost all my energy and felt this incredible weakness throughout my body” to “I’ve been living with it for years.” ,and “the blood tests never showed anything for lyme” and “my ______________(fill in the blank) had that!”

Well sometime in the last year/s I joined the club.  I too had no idea what was taking over my body. I lost all of my energy …Correction, I collapsed each day after work scared that I might never run or practice yoga again.  Quickly, the act of running and exercise were understood to be on hiatus, and making it to my internship (I’m currently completing my Dietetic Internship, yay!) was all I prayed for.

Waking up wasn’t easy, my body felt like it was made of hollow bones with some kind of jello for substance which had pain receptors in the center that were constantly being triggered through a dull ache (like when you have the flu).  The symptoms got stranger and stranger, from heart palpitations to severe chest pain (I had stayed awake in tears several nights feeling that this must be what it feels like before you have a heart attack), headaches, and inability to digest ANYTHING.  It was awful, and it continued for months.  No doctor, friend or family member could help me, nor could they figure out what was wrong with me. My biggest struggle wasn’t that I couldn’t find help from a doctor, it was that I hadn’t found a way to help myself, as I always have.  Usually, a little extra ginger tea, and oil of oregano is all my body needs to begin healing.

I’d been for every blood test on the planet, and I was beginning to lose hope. I’d exhausted my options for traditional doctors because the blood tests they provide only go so far. By the time one gets to the specialist that can actually pinpoint the ailment, hundreds of dollars could be spent in co-pays, tests, prescriptions, and so on.

The issue I commonly face is that I tend to stray from many of the traditional healthcare modalities (i.e. prescription medication), seeking natural alternatives as much as possible.  Right now, my rescue inhaler is the only prescription I keep because my asthma can get challenging at times. There is a fine line between taking care of yourself holistically, and placing your self at greater risk by writing off other healthcare treatments.  I generally only follow a Western plan when all natural modalities have been exhausted or if I am in a critical condition  seeking emergency medicine.

For me this how Western practices fit into my life, and it may be different for you. The problem wasn’t that natural medicine wasn’t helping, it was that I hadn’t found the right combinations of natural doctor/advisers to pinpoint what was unbalanced, and begin an appropriate treatment plan.

At the end of August, my prayers were answered, and biofeedback reading (see video below for how this works) determined lyme disease was present, along with several other health concerns. I began a treatment plan which I was comfortable with.  The key to healing is to follow a treatment plan you believe in.

You’ve got to believe that the healing modality you’re applying is benefiting your body and helping to heal the imbalance. For me, taking many prescription drugs is not something I personally resonate with, when I take them, I feel that I am doing more harm than good, and thus, my thoughts become negative about my treatment plan.  If you’re familiar with the power of your thoughts and beliefs, you understand that negative thoughts (or simply focusing on what you dont want, cant have,etc.), bring negative results (i.e. the very thing you wish to not experience), and so I had to follow a treatment plan I believed would work.  And so I did! 🙂

It will be one month tomorrow since I slowly began to gain my strength  back.  One month since I eliminated all allergenic foods (I discovered I had a multitude of food allergies, some of which I’ve been aware of since I was a child), began a treatment plan, and focused on healing instead of illness.

The next few entries will be about my experiences of getting back into physical activity, and the demands of life.  It is my hope that being open about my experience may help others who are facing similar health circumstances. I hope to provide at least one interpretation (my own) of the recovering body and its relationship to beginning a fitness regimen in a safe way.  The picture at the beginning of this post is from my run a few days ago. I used to run ~3 miles, 4-7 days per week …today I ran 10 minutes, and was nearly moved to tears that, I did it.
After running to the park, I did a little yoga, meditated, and walked home. To look back just 30 days prior, and realize where I am today with my health …I take those 10 minutes of running, and feel ever grateful. The trick is to finish your exercise (whatever this may be) with the same or more energy you began with. If you feel more depleted than when you began, you know you’ve done too much. If this happens, I suggest giving your self a day to rest.  When you are ready to try again, do something that is less challenging for less time. Listen to your body as it tells you what it is ready for. It’s great to be active because you help to move energy through the system, but keep it in a gentle, loving, manner.  Remember, the activity you could manage before falling ill, is not where you are at today.  Just enjoy the journey!

If you have any questions, I welcome them through my email.

Please remember that this is my interpretation, and this is what is “right” for me …and you will discover what is right for you.  I’d like to especially thank my good friends Jeff and Sara, (and the universe for putting me in the right place at the right time) for sharing their success stories, and steering me in the right direction, and to Michelle for being so incredibly patient and understanding through it all.

Om Shantih,


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